Digital Innovation Show 2017 Champagne Prize Draw Winner

It was a long but rewarding day exhibiting at the Digital Innovation Show 2017, in Bournemouth, UK yesterday. Lots of chocolates were consumed (too many by me) and we received lots of business cards f[...]

Marketing that works for Accountants

August has been a busy month so far with September already set to be busier. Accountants we have spoken to are proactively seeking to build their client base and open to all suggestions on how this ca[...]

Wizard Pricing Launch

So why build another pricing software application? For years we have specialised in providing e-commerce sales and marketing solutions. Within this niche of sales, marketing and business development, [...]

Disruptive Pricing Strategies

There are so few opportunities these days to introduce something better or new. It seems, just about every idea, feature and design has been tried somewhere. Pricing wizards are not new, but because t[...]

Part 1 – Discount Codes

In this, the first of a series of articles on the science of pricing, we are considering Discount Codes and how they can be used effectively to increase sales. Discount codes are known by many differ[...]

The Science of Pricing

The Science of Pricing sits somewhere between sales, and marketing. It is fair to say that, unless you get your pricing right, no amount of good marketing will lead to effective business growth. The c[...]

Pricing funeral services

Arranging a funeral can be difficult and often falls to those least prepared to do it. The choices may seem bewildering and the costs difficult to quantify. We naturally want the very best for our los[...]